Mighty Angus Little

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Meet “MIGHTY ANGUS LITTLE”...our smiling, fun loving and roughish wee man who has battled numerous health issues throughout his short life.

In December 2011, after numerous scans and invasive tests, Angus was diagnosed with a Ganglioglioma brainstem tumour, a tumour is so rare it occurs in less than 1% of all brain tumours world-wide. (Read more about Angus’s story here)

This day we also learned that Angus’ tumour was inoperable due to its location at the base of the brain stem (there is a very high risk of disability or fatality).  There are also currently no chemotherapy or radiation therapy based options to treat this tumour.

So, where to from here because we aren’t giving up! We firmly believe where there’s life there’s hope and we have

found this in the form of clinical trials at St Judes Paediatric hospital located in Memphis, America. These trials offer the best chance for our man to have a chance to live the extraordinary life that we know he has before him.

We are raising money to take Angus to America to give him a chance, a chance at life which every child deserves.

Please join us as we fight to ‘help make a little life go a long way’.

Dave, Wendy, Jono and Caleb & the Mighty Angus Little

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